PhotoScape X Pro 2.4 Crack Latest Download

Want to edit your pics? Want to create some GIF?  If yes then don’t waste your time and download this amazing software right now. PhotoScape X Pro 2.4.1(Latest) helps you edit your pics,create GIF, modify your pics etc. It’s a very effective software. Only recommended for the Microsoft users, Linux users must not download this, it does not work for Linux. 
PhotoScape X Pro 2.4.1(Latest)

is a pictures modifying software, advanced by means of Mooii tech, Korea. The simple concept of photoScape is ‘smooth and amusing’, permitting customers to without difficulty edit images taken from their digital cameras or even cell telephones. PhotoScape presents a simple user interface to perform not unusual photograph upgrades inclusive of coloration adjustment, cutting, resizing, printing and GIF animation.[1][2] photoScape operates on Microsoft home windows systems and mac. It is not to be had on Linux systems. The default languages are English and Korean, with additional language packages available for download.


  • Full Screen : See your photos in full-screen view or as a slide show.
  • Combine : Attach multiple photos vertically or horizontally to create one final photo.
  • Print : Print your photos.
  • Color Picker : Zoom in on images, search and pick a color.
  • Batch : Batch edit multiple photos.
  • Editor : Rotate, Resize, Crop, Color Adjustment, Film Effect, Light Leak, Backlight Correction, Bloom, HDR and many more.
  • Viewer : Photo Browser, Full Screen Viewer, Batch Rename, Batch Resize, Batch Format Change, Lossless Rotate.
  • Collage : Merge multiple photos on the collage frame to create one final photo.

What’s New?

  • Added Arrow Style option
  • Added 23 film effects, 55 frames, 20 shapes, 917 patterns, and 395 figures more
  • Improved UI * Fixed a possible crash when changing fonts * Fixed bugs
  • New Filters: HDR, Dehaze, Reduce Noise, Hue/Saturation, Gradient Fill, Gradient Map, Color Fill, Posterize,
  • Dither, Stippling, Brush Strokes, Frosted Glass, Stained Glass, Underwater, Tiny Planet, Stretch, Perspective,
  • Chromatic Aberration, and Lens Correction * New Tools: Bloom, Mixer Brush, Spot Healing Brush, and Liquify
  • New Figure object * Support Local Adjustments (Mask) * Support RAW images * Support German and
  • Simplified Chinese (English, Español, Deutsch,)
  • Sort by “Date Taken”
  • Added Perspective Crop option * Added Crop option to Batch tab.Click Below To Download PhotoScape X Pro 2.4.1download-button-2
    PhotoScape X Pro

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